Weddings at Cambray


Your wedding is a sacred celebration. It is more than just an event … Biblical marriage is the joining of a man and a woman in intimate, exclusive, life-long relationship, a relationship that God designed and called “very good”.

Your plans for a wedding service should reflect that fact and also align with the beliefs and worship practices of Cambray Baptist Church. Whilst we welcome requests to be married within the church we normally only marry those who are in fellowship at the church. Furthermore, we will only conduct marriage services for couples who want to be married within these Biblical beliefs and practices and whose lives and relationship reflect God’s design for marriage.

Preparation for Marriage

To help you in planning and preparation for your marriage, we provide Marriage Preparation classes for each couple who wish to be married within Cambray Baptist Church. We long that every couple married within the church are able to come together as a couple not merely in love with one another, but totally devoted to God. We know from God’s word that it is only when we have a marriage that is centred on Jesus (when both the man and woman are living their lives with Jesus as their own Saviour and Lord) that there is true marriage – unity in body, love and spirit. In God we find that “a cord of three strands is not easily broken”.

Questions About Weddings?

If you have more questions about being married within Cambray Baptist Church, please contact the Church Office

Further Practical Help

The following document gives some guidance about some of the organisational details you will need to consider to organise your Wedding in Cambray Baptist Church

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